Debbie's Painted Pets
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How often do you spend a little extra on something special for yourself? Are you looking for an unique heartfelt gift to give to a loved one? Here you will get a one-of-a-kind portrait of your furbabies, family members or any object your heart desires. Why miss out on something that will last you a lifetime of special memories all in print. Available on print, canvas, metal, wood, glass etc. So why not transform your pet’s photo into a beautiful and cherished portrait! Paying special attention to detail of your furry family member; purchasing a custom pet portrait from your photo's or any other critter, would be a wonderful way to honor your pet(s) whether with a portrait, a sketch, neon or a memorial of the pets that was once a part of your lives. Notes About The Artist: I am a self taught artist who specializes in creating memories of a lifetime, capturing a moment in time whether it is a painting of pets, people or whatever object you may like to see in print. Our pets are our family and they are cherished forever as family members in our homes. Don't miss out on an unforgettable moment to put them on paper or canvas. My portraits are created by taking your photo's and using tools by means of a computer, a digitizing tablet, stylus and software. All paintings are original custom portraits that have been painted digitally. Each stroke is painted the same as traditional paintings would be but only digitally using the tablet and they take hours (sometimes days) to create. The completed portrait will be to your liking with your custom requests you selected from the ordering form. I am not happy until you are happy! Make memories today that will last you a lifetime! Debbie also offers Web Design, Custom Logos, Banners, & Custom Tshirts.
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