Fitted Caps are taking over the field    It is baseball season and the merchandise is being sold out at a crazy rate! A rate with which sellers want them to.    After all, if the products are not sold out during the games season, then when else will they be?   If we look at the latest games that have been going on, then we can see that the Chicago Cubs are playing major games.    So it is normal to expect that the Chicago Cubs Merchandise is going to have a high demand.    One merch that has been highly marketed and sold is the Fitted Cap. It is the headwear that people are loving in 2022.    It is a part of the famous merch that people are buying. To specify it is the “All-star game On Field Fitted Cap”.    With the design that is common to the game, it also has been designed to be comfortable.   The best part of the back of the cap. Made out of mesh, it will keep the head ventilated and the head will not overheat.    With the two solid front panels, direct sunlight on the eyes will not be a problem. The colors are contrasting. The major color profile is black.    It has been officially licensed by the MLB (Major League Baseball). Anyone can opt for it. The ca
Tony Rogers