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Keep America Open. Its a very straightforward concept. Stop violating the US Constitution No politically based science. No government shutdowns on survivalable viruses. No contact tracing. No Marxist policies. Let people be free!
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Blabbook is a TEXAS BASED social media network site created to do the following: Support Free Speech Online No Fact Checkers No "user discouragement" systems designed to give people a bad experience (freezing, logging off, slow responses) We let people create, post and share content without fear of it being removed  The site is just software, it's officially neutral on political views You are allowed to have whatever political views you want We DON'T: Censor your opinion Fact-Check anything - Who are we do fact-check? Ban users for their point of view Shadow-ban users or content to limit anyone's reach WHO IS STEVE BLU? I launched my first "site" as a pre-teen - It was a pre-internet Bulletin Board System in the mid 80's In 2004 I developed and launched a network of Automotive Enthusiast Websites - Sold largest web properties to AutoGuide in 2015 I have views, and I'm going to tell you what they are.  But I won't edit your views or remove or censor things for your point of view WHEN DO WE REMOVE CONTENT OR USERS? Bot-driven spam accounts will be removed Obsenity will be removed.  This includes photos or videos of sexual acts, and other graphic content Threats of violence will always be removed - This includes all content types We reserve the right to remove anything that doesn't fit the community standards - remember your political views are not governed by our community standards
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