Greg Casaretto
on November 17, 2023
Today in Texas History
On the trail to Texas independence.
Been a little lax on these postings.
Nov 14, 1835 – In San Felipe de Austin, The Consultation (also known as the Texian Government, and served as the provisional government of Mexican Texas from October 1835 to March 1836 during the Texas Revolution), appoints Henry Smith as the first Governor of Texas, elects Stephen F. Austin, William H. Wharton and Branch T. Archer, to serve as commissioners to the United States, and appoints Sam Houston commander-in-chief of a regular Texas Army, with no authority over Huston's volunteers.
Nov 15, 1835 – José Antonio Mexía attacks Tampico. When expected help does not arrive from federalists in Matamoros, he retreats to Texas and promotes an attack on Matamoros. The "Battle of Tampico" was fought in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. Gregorio Gómez and the Mexican Centralist garrison engaged Gen. José Antonio Mexía and 150 American volunteers. This was part of an uprising against General Santa Anna, and its outcome affected the future of the Texas War of Independence.
Late in October, Mexia reported to Texian leaders that he had commissioned the armed schooner Mary Jane, to transport his expedition with a 12-pound cannonade and two eight-pound cannon. He added that there was a crew of fifty men, armed and provisioned for three months, plus 150 men ready for service on land.
(Thirty-one of the men who had arrived on the Mary Jane were taken prisoner. Three died of wounds and the remaining twenty-eight were executed on December 14, 1835 by the Mexican army.)
Mexía's defeat convinced many Texians that Mexico's Federalists would be no help, thereby causing hard feelings to arise between these potential allies. Furthermore, the Mexican government declared that the expedition had been carried out by "pirates," executing the men Mexía left behind. This policy of "no quarter" was extended to the Texas situation in the pronouncement of the Tornel Decree.
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