Peter Colt
on May 12, 2022
Over the transom from Italy: Exterminating the Young via coerced poisoning
My God, my God.
Excess deaths in Italy by age cohort, ARSH 2021 vs 2020.
The reason the elderly show a lower YearToYear excess death rate is because so many elderly were murdered in 2020 that it pulled forward. There were simply fewer elderly to kill in ARSH 2021.
Look at the YearToYear increase in excess death in the young in the green bar chart. Almost 100% of that increase is the DeathInjections, all of which were coerced. All of those deaths are because those young people were coerced in no uncertain terms – suicide or total disqualification from human society. Almost none of them would have taken the DeathInjections otherwise.
Fauci. Gates. Bourla. Bencel. Schwab. Draghi.
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