Peter Colt
on January 11, 2022
From JIM STONE: Devastating vax death data from the CDC's own charts
Gosh, they ended this in July and gave no further data. I know why. Because I ran the trend through April of 2022, which hockey sticked and showed just short of 2 million (I posted the rate number instead of the total earlier which is why that changed) After this CDC chart I'll show you what happens to the 25-34 year age bracket in April 2022 alone.
First, the chart we do have, which is a direct output from This vast pool of CDC data:
I went over the data that produced this chart to the left with a fine tooth comb and it does indeed say this. I then calculated where this chart would end up in April of 2022, when everyone says TS is REALLY going to hit TF. And it was a catastrophe. There is a BIG reason why the CDC did not continue this chart.
First, how I calculated the numbers I will show:
On the first run I calculated the difference in the rate of death per month based upon the increase that seemed apparent in 2021 alone, and I backed off on that because it came out to 1.962, which I figured HAD TO be WAY TOO HIGH. I could not believe that number. So I then took the 2020 data for the same period, averaged it, then overlayed it on the 2021 data and it spit out an even worse number - 2.292
Actually, 1.962 and 2.292 are close enough to prove the math was right, so I calculated this based on 2.292. If this outputs too high a number, it will only be a month off, the lower number would produce the same results in May or June. Here we go, this is unbelievable.
THIS IS ONLY FOR THE AGE GROUP 25-34. Total deaths across all age groups will be MUCH higher.
The numbers for March are sketchy because the trend was too new. Vax deaths in March 2021: 62
April 2021: Change in rate: 220 Total who died from vax in only April: 282
May 2021: Change in rate: 276 Total who died from vax in only May: 558
June 2021: Change in rate: 318 Total who died from vax in only June: 876
July 2021: Change in rate: 623 Total who died from vax in only July: 1,499
CDC's direct data ends here. Here is the reality calculated forward when overlayed on 2020. Since the sample has a reference year, these numbers are probably where the real accuracy starts.
August 2021: Change in rate: 1427 Total who died from vax in only August: 2926
September 2021: change in rate 3270 Total who died from vax in only September: 6196
October 2021: Change in rate: 7494 Total who died from vax in only October: 13,690
November 2021: Change in rate: 17176 Total who died from vax in only November: 31,306
December: Change in rate: 39367 Total who died from vax in only December: 70673
January 2022: Change in rate: 90,229 Total who will likely die in January: 160,902
February 2022: Change in rate: 206,804 Total who will likely die in February: 367,706
March 2022: Change in rate: 473,994 Total who will likely die in March: 841,700
April 2022: Change in rate: 1,086,394. Total who will likely die in April: 1,933,471
Obviously those numbers are not sustainable, and so many in the age bracket of 25-34 will be dead by April that the change in rate will be less. ALSO:
A small tweak to the change in rate will bring these numbers down dramatically. So the million figure might not hit until July. But we are going to get there eventually, even the numbers the CDC charted for a short while and then quit showing = FREAKOUT.
A lot could affect this chart: 1. Bad CDC data, 2, a miracle, 3, unforseen factors that delay it into the gray zone, etc, however, this is probably not too far off. Yes, the "world ends" or crow eaten in or before August. Even if it does not end up being that bad, I don't think people will be in the mood to serve crow.
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