Montrose Colorado Message Board
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The Montrose County Message Board gives access to all of Montrose County and city residents to information in and around their community. Feel free to create events, talk about the community politics, voice your opinions, post about your local business and deals or offers you are currently having! If it has anything to do with Montrose County feel free to share! This page is not for posting items you have for sale, although we are more than happy to welcome your postings of yard sales, garage sales or estate sales.
Patrick Cloward
The Texas Party
This group is for Texas Patriots whose values and desires have not been represented by the existing parties. We will work to recruit, support and elect candidates for public office at every level in Texas who will put Texas issues first and actively push for Texas Independence to make Texas free again. 
Donna McClure
Cylee Sparks
Greg Casaretto
Home Improvement Projects
6 members Home & Garden
Your home is your biggest investment in many cases. Aside from the intrinsic value, home improvement projects can add to your equity. Peruse our projects and share your own.
Brenda Ann
David Braswell Cannon
High Performance PC Gaming
10 members Technology
High Performance PC Gaming Group for 4K+, Ultra-wide, Multi-monitor/Surround/Eyefinity SLI and CFX, Dual CPU setups, home servers, and other top-end rigs. Discuss settings for best frame rates, experiences and anything else related! Can't afford one yet or not sure where to go or what to get? then ask around, see how those with a beast of a PC get things done. Don't have the greatest PC? no problem, Overclocking is welcome and encouraged, you might be surprised what a healthy clock on an older machine can Do!
Canine Arthritis And Joint - Holistic Remedies
3 members Health & Wellness
Here we focus on holistic and natural alternatives on helping your dog get back on all fours and get back to healthy and happy pain free living. So get ready to make some changes (yes it requires a little work) to help your awesome dog get back to being a puppy again. ​We have seen it happen many times after vets have sent pet parents home with meds and no further help for your dog or possibly needing surgery that you can't afford. We make miracles happen with you doing the work and following our recommendations. Open your mind and be ready to accept and plan on making big changes. Results will follow...
Debbie Daniel
Chrissy Schermerhorn
Genki Feral