Do Not Block Roads When Protesting
EVERY STATE SHOULD OUTLAW THE PRACTICE OF BLOCKING ROADS FOR PROTESTS The purpose of this group is to see a legal change in the United States (and elsewhere) so that citizens are no longer stopped and held against their will due to protests on roads, highways, and interstates. We also desire to raise awareness about the risks that drivers take after being stopped illegally on a road. The best way to do this is to remove criminal and civil penalties against drivers who continue to proceed through the protesters. GROUP RULES & AFFIRMATIONS Be kind, even when you disagree. No need to name-call, threats are never tolerated. Please do not share realistic statements of violence. Discussions of self-defense should always be stated as such. No spam or self-promotion allowed. 3) We affirm that taking over roads is dangerous to all involved and should be universally illegal. We affirm that when traveling, hijackings, kidnapping, robbery, rape, and murder occur after drivers stop their vehicles and are defenseless. P.S. Every state in the US needs to decriminalize the act of simply driving on a highway, freeway & major roads when protesters are trying to unlawfully detain them. We don't want to see anyone get hurt, but when you're traveling you are very vulnerable. We don't want to be sitting ducks just waiting in line for a violent protester and angry mob to come to attack us.
Shooting Is A Way Of Life
840 members Sports & Outdoors
Shooting is a way of life for many people.  It's a hobby and sport that trains your mind and soul. US Second Amendment A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
Hydroxychloroquine Fans
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HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE FANS This group is clearly about more than an old and well-established drug. It's also about the freedom to choose and the struggle against the liberal MSM who tries to control what you're allowed to see and what you're allowed to discuss. So, lets discuss hydroxychloroquine and related medicines, but let's also discuss our freedoms and let's get the USA REOPENED! WE NO LONGER HAVE TO BE AFRAID OF WHAT WE DISCUSS - WE'RE ON A FREE SPEECH PLATFORM NOW!  Do not take anything posted here as anything other than discussion. Always seek out competent medical professionals before starting any drug therapy regimen.
ARE SPORTS WORTH OUR TOTAL DESTRUCTION? American sports are full of millionaire athletes who are are not only kneeling before their new BLM masters, but they demand that we do as well. Many players and the leagues themselves have fully bought into the evil that is Black Lives Matter ... and they aim to destroy the United States. As a Marxist organization, BLM is one of the most evil groups that has ever existed on our shores. They openly condemn conservatives & Christians and seek end life as we know it. They outright condemn the "nuclear family" and ethics that go against transgenderism, homosexuality, communism and more. BLM will destroy the United States, as much as we love our sports, they are not worth being sent to a re-education camp for holding to our American values. We must boycott the MLB, NFL, NBA & NASCAR.