Aug 5th, 2022
I was waiting to post until I got aspiration test results back. NOT BACK YET! Looks like next week before we know.UGH! Yesterday and today when we got up, Diamond really didn’t want to eat much. She had a treat or two. I gave her the appetite stimulator and her meds for vomiting/nausea and about an hour later I gave her some baked chicken and she ate most all of it. I was tickled pink to see her eat. Then she got more treats. Later that night I fed her chicken, liver, and hamburger and she ate the chicken and liver. Seems she’s not a fan of hamburger. She even came into the kitchen while I was preparing her food letting me know she was hungry. Afterwards we went outside and she finally pooped. Thank goodness. The meds for appetite is only for 4 days I think. 4 days for the nausea for sure. That means 2 days left. She seems more relaxed now and sleeping better. Still drinking a lot of water and peeing a lot but hopefully soon that will calm down. We have been catching up on sleep. At night though when lying here sleeping, she starts this rapid breathing like she’s struggling to breathe or in pain. I got her up and got her to go pee then she gets another drink and back laying down. It seems to slow the rapid breathing down after that. I am gonna guess, possibly still having pain in her gut. FYI, her neck is still big and the vet said this could take weeks to go down. If cancer, it will stay the same.
I have spent the past 24 hours going over Diamonds bloodwork and xrays and if you are interested in knowing the details, here they are. Upon looking at her liver numbers I was looking at different things. Her ALT was higher the last 2 yrs. This time it was normal. Her AST has remained normal. Her ALP this time shows a high number in which I feel it is due to infection (per vet). It has never been high in the past. So overall… for a 14 yr old dog, her blood work is awesome. As my vet said last yr…”For a 13 yr old dog, she’s in pretty good health”. Her health issues are her heart and joints. Her heart is slightly enlarged..maybe more this yr although her ProBNP numbers increased 119 points from last yr. In 2020 her numbers jumped 372 points in one yr. That freaked me out and I began focusing heavily on her heart. The normal range of numbers is up to 900. Anything past that is considered an early sign of heart failure. This has been going on since I first had her tested for heart disease in 2013. Her number was 853. On the high end of normal. I didn’t retest her again till 5 yrs later in 2018 which jumped to 1775. TODAY her number is now 2232. She should be dead now I would think. When pressing or putting pressure on her chest, she will cough. BUT I doubled her Ubiquinol daily and that had stopped. Otherwise she has ZERO symptoms of heart disease other than on xray. RIGHT NOW, since we have not been able to give that, and her organs are slightly enlarged all pressing on one another, she is coughing if I put pressure on her chest or stomach, so I am being very careful with this.
This is what it says about the heart test:
NTproBNP >1,800 pmol/L
There is evidence of increased stretch and stress on the myocardium. The likelihood that clinical signs (i.e., respiratory and/or exercise intolerance) are due to heart failure is high. Additional diagnostics are recommended to diagnose and assess severity of the disease.
Now the xrays you are looking at here kind of explain what the vet was telling me and showing me. FYI-Diamond was diagnosed with Severe Spondylosis in her Sacrum area right after I adopted her in 2011. Several vets recommended I put her down when in the beginning she was in a lot of pain. I started a deep dive into joint issues. I was trying everything. We even did Stem Cell. I found what worked and has basically saved her life. Adequan. This monthly injection saved her life. Pain free and doing well. This past 9 months though she tore BOTH ACLs (full tears) and while that has slowed her down some, she’s doing fairly well considering we didn’t do surgery. The last tear took a little bit more toll on her though. But her hips are in good shape. Spondylosis is a horrible painful disease and as it progresses, they can become incontinent and sometimes could paralyze the back legs. So what I see is a miracle dog. Anyway that was a little background on her health throughout her life. I adopted her when she was 3 yrs old.
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