Tom G Glass
on November 4, 2021
I formally announce today that I am seeking the Republican nomination for Texas House in HD 17, which has been redistricted to include Caldwell, Bastrop, Lee, Milam, and Burleson Counties.
Globalists and Marxists have seized power in DC and are working to take everything Texans hold dear. In these dire times where Texas is under attack, we don’t need politics as usual.
We need elected officials in Texas who will use the power of their office and honor their oaths to secure the rights of Texans from all threats. We need leaders who will work to implement the framers’ vision and let Texans run Texas.
I have the understanding of the threats, and a will, the skills, and the ideas to protect the people of Texas and HD 17 from those threats. When you are under attack, you need Churchills, not Chamberlains as your leaders.
I have proven that I will do in office what I say I will do because I have been doing it for the last decade. My Texas Constitutional Enforcement group has worked to push back on federal overreach and to resist executive overreach implementing COVID tyranny. I have been working through Protect the Texas Grid against all hazards, including foreign attack and solar events.
I have worked on stopping the irreplaceable groundwater under HD 17 from being drained and piped off for urban development, leaving us and our posterity dry. And through my Boot Bonnen PAC and my Texas Legislative Priorities group, I have been working to see that the wonderful Republican Party of Texas legislative priorities like the stopping of child mutilation, the protection of our monuments, and the security of our elections get implemented.
I hope you will visit my campaign website, and donate. If you don’t have a lot right now, please donate a small amount, just to show your support!
Running was not an easy decision. I know from watching the process that the life of a state legislator is hard, filled with long days, much of it filled with unproductive activities. Kathie and I asked ourselves whether that cost to me and the family in terms of lost freedom and lost opportunities to influence the process from the outside was worth it in terms of increased ability to protect the people of Texas and our posterity.
We decided that the stakes are too high and the need for a person with my vision and experience in the Texas legislature too great for us not to pay that price. Many have paid a much greater price for our liberty.
So, let’s get to it! After all, we have our liberty, our Constitutions designed to protect it, Texas, and America to save.
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Steve Blu
Let us know how we can help.
November 4, 2021
Texas jarhead
What is your position on TEXIT! And no double speak!! just tell it true!! This is one of the most important issues right now! We are looking for leaders not politicians that follow the national agenda.
November 10, 2021 Edited