I had a busy day yesterday and just getting around to posting. But my BFF turned 13 (Give or take-birthday unknown). She's been with me since 2011. I love this girl. She's such a funny and entertaining girl. I hope we make it to 14 yrs old. In 2013 I had a vet tell me to put her down...because she has severe spondylosis. AT THE TIME, she was on 4 different pain meds and barely knocking the edge off. FINALLY I found her miracle. Its called Adequan. She has not taken pain meds since and is doing great. You would never know she had any issues at all. Vets suck sometimes. Only good for emergencies or diagnostic. Remember that. This girl is a miracle because I didn't give up on her nor think vets are the ones to call the shots. Some vets are heartless. Anyway this is my miracle girl and I love her so much. Happy Birthday miss Diamond. She got organic cake too. YUM! That icing was tasty. hehe
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